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Commercial Design

Let our team bring your commercial space to life with our signature style.


Our team of researchers travel to unlikely places in search of inspiration to ensure that our clients get that unique and rare look that sets them apart from the competition.


Our unusual combination of elements gives our clients a "One of a kind" interior space. 


Looking for something out of the ordinary?  We specialize in phenomenon.  From urban to remote, abstract to simple, there is no style to which we cannot cater. 


Office Design

Does your office space best represent your business and its purpose?  If you answered no, a consultation may be exactly what you need to get on track.    


With more than 20 years of experience in "Themed Project Design" and "Office Design", our team can custom tailor any working environment to reflect your specific image, name, and brand.  WOW your clients with an unmistakable first impression.


Tight space?  Limited budget?  We love a challenge!  




On The Spot Design

Need some ideas or professional advise?  Our "One Time" $300 consultations are packed full of designer tips and strategies.  


Our qualified designers will contrive a custom tailored plan that our clients can execute themselves to get that "Designer Look". 


From paint selections to remodeling, we have our clients covered.


Not into the DIY?  Ask about our additional services and packages.




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